About Francis Phillip - The Founder

Francis Lewis Phillip was born to Chhotey Lal Phillip and Shanti Phillip on March 8, 1948.

He was one of the seven brothers and sisters, raised in the lush green area of Civil Lines, Raj Pur Road
He said he wanted to join the army however his Father did not let him join as he feared he will lose his son.
So he settled on a career of accountancy.

Later on, he carried on his father's legacy of making wedding cakes, so did his two brothers.
He was passionate about his cake making and ventured into catering. He was the first person to introduce blue color in wedding cakes. Later on, he experimented with ribbons,laces,ladders and other cake accessories.

We don't have pictures of all his cakes as he made thousands of beautiful cakes in his lifetime.
He was super focused on his career and family.

He was extremely social and because of his business had a large network in the Christian Community.
He was actively involved with YMCA as a member, Green Park Free Church and later on with Delhi Bible Fellowship Church.

He was physically a very active person and had the energy of a 16 year old even though he was 68. On February 2nd 2017, early morning, he suddenly collapsed and never woke up.

His death was a sudden shock to everyone as he showed no signs of illness even a day before his passing away. 

He taught everyone to love by setting an example himself.
He will remain alive in our hearts forever and will be missed by many who experienced his powerful spirit of love.

He never wanted his cake business to end.
He said once, "who will carry on this business after me?"

Cake making was not just a business but a passion for him.

He loved to bring joy with his cakes.
He always added 100% of his artistic touch into every cake he made.

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